Life Transitions

When your life changes course, it can be useful to have extra support.  Counselling can help!  Change is often scary and overwhelming.  As human beings, we crave stability and security and resist flux.  When I chose the metaphor of the willow tree for my counselling practice, I did so quite deliberately.  The willow tree represents flexibility amidst the “winds of change” in life.  Our challenge is to become flexible in response to them; when we don’t, we’re like a dry branch that snaps when a gust comes along.

Life transitions are a common reason for coming for counselling. Clients meet with me in my downtown Vancouver counselling and psychotherapy office for a range of life issues, including:

Divorce / Separation

  • The pain of a break- up
  • Adjusting to single life
  • Understanding patterns in relationships
  • Co-parenting after separation / custody issues


  • Weddings: stress and joy
  • Premarital counselling
  • Newlywed life and adjustment

Career / Education

  • Career exploration
  • Career change
  • Workforce re-entry
  • Opting out of the workforce
  • Unemployment / underemployment
  • Retirement
  • Starting school
  • Returning to school
  • Studying away from home
  • Graduation and ‘the future’


  • First-time parenthood
  • Life as a couple after baby’s birth
  • Children’s ages and stages / parenting issues
  • Step family issues
  • Children leaving home (“empty nest” syndrome)
  • Caregiving for elderly parents


  • Changes in health status and physical functioning
  • Chronic illness and physical pain
  • Life-threatening illness

Geographical shifts

  • Moving, relocation
  • Immigration
  • Cultural adjustment


  • Loss of anyone or anything we consider important

I would be honoured to assist you in any aspect of your life journey.  I look forward to hearing from you.