My office is conveniently located in downtown Vancouver, in an office tower at the corner of Howe and Helmcken streets. When I moved to my current building in 2012, after the wrecking ball hit my former office in a beloved 2-storey walkup at Howe and Drake Streets (now condos), I was intrigued by the challenge of creating a warm, inviting counselling space in a high rise setting. I have received some lovely comments from people who are surprised by the juxtaposition between the business-y office tower and the warmth of the counselling room.

I sincerely want you to feel comfortable in my counselling space. When you arrive, you will enter into a shared waiting room. My office, while private, is located in a suite with other independent (primarily counselling) offices. You may or may not see other individuals in the waiting room. If this is a concern for you, please let me know and I will make alternative arrangements with you. My counselling room is confidential and uses professionally-installed sound masking technology, located in the ceiling of the office and adjoining vestibule to distort and mask conversation.

There are 2 gendered (binary) washrooms on the 9th floor. The washrooms have separate stalls and are accessible by key; keys are located on the wall in the left-hand hallway of the waiting room. Each bathroom has a disabled stall although the washroom front door is not accessible. Please let me know if you need assistance with access.

I hope you will feel at ease in my downtown office and I look forward to inviting you in! I also have a cozy virtual office for my phone and video sessions. You can catch a glimpse here!

Welcome To My (Counselling) World