Many years ago I made the decision not to narrow my focus and limit myself to helping with only a small subtype of issues. This decision reflects my commitment to creating a welcoming, diverse and vibrant counselling practice where people came as they are and I meet people where they’re at.

Part of my growth as a therapist over the years has been taking responsibility for my counselling knowledge and experience. And people tell me that they feel like they’ve received skilled, specific help from a professional who has heard them and understands their concerns. I’m always grateful to hear that.

I have extensive experience helping with:


Neurodioversity-affirming counselling which welcomes autistic people, ADHDers, highly sensitive individuals, people with learning disabilities, and more.



It’s common to feel reluctant to want to come in and talk about trauma. In fact, many people avoid it, only coming to counselling when life seems unbearable.



When you’re depressed it can seem almost impossible to imagine that something can be done to help you.



I start where you are. Whether you want to cut back or are seeking total abstinence, I will support you.


LGBTQ+ Support

I endeavour to be an ally to members of the LGBTQ+ communities.

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