Individual counselling is at the heart of my counselling practice. Part of the beauty of individual counselling is the fact that it is a counselling framework that allows for a deeper exploration of issues identified by you, without the need to counterbalance the needs of others. People can come and speak freely in my counselling office.

It is a preferred option for those who

  • Want dedicated time to identify and explore the issues which prompted counselling
  • Would benefit from increased personal support
  • Have outside pressures and responsibilities which make creating time for self-reflection difficult in daily life
  • Want to make focused changes that are difficult to accomplish independently
  • See the value of an outside perspective

You may feel uncertain about contacting a counsellor and initiating the counselling process. That’s perfectly understandable! It’s common to feel uneasy about asking for help and there are other reasons to feel reluctant, such as not knowing what to expect, fearing judgement from a counsellor or even not knowing where to start in finding a therapist.

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