Motivated by a growing sense of responsibility to give back to community mental health initiatives and promote the good work that they do, $2.00 from each and every Willow Tree Counselling session is contributed to a Vancouver-based mental health-related charity or program in the community. Charities chosen will rotate from time to time.

If this campaign inspires you to give back too, I’m heartened by that. Whether it is a “drop in the bucket,” the gift of your time, or a more substantial donation, this all makes a difference. Perhaps you may even be influenced to give back to your own mental health. Please do. The world needs more caring and self-caring people.

Willow Tree Counselling is currently supporting: Callanish Society, Subsidized Counselling Program

Providing access to professional counselling for those in financial need, whose lives have been irrevocably changed by cancer.

Counselling is but one of the many programs that the Callanish community provides, all aimed at helping people who are living with and/or dying of cancer reconnect with the essentials of life. To learn more about their offerings, or to make a donation, please visit their website.