Motivated by a growing sense of responsibility to give back to community mental health initiatives and promote the good work that they do, $2.00 from each and every Willow Tree Counselling session is contributed to a Vancouver-based mental health-related charity or program in the community. Charities chosen will rotate from time to time.

If this campaign inspires you to give back too, I’m heartened by that. Whether it is a “drop in the bucket,” the gift of your time, or a more substantial donation, this all makes a difference. Perhaps you may even be influenced to give back to your own mental health. Please do. The world needs more caring and self-caring people.

Willow Tree Counselling is currently supporting: Family Services of Greater Vancouver, Counselling Program

Family Services of Greater Vancouver (FSGV) has been offering subsidized counselling to the public for many years, for a variety of life concerns. Over the span of my career as a clinical social worker and counsellor, I estimate that I have referred hundreds of people to the FSGV counselling program, so it seemed like a natural choice for me to me to give back to a service that has always been there.

Counselling is but one of the myriad of services that FSGV offers. To learn more or donate yourself, please visit their website.