Motivated by a growing sense of responsibility to give back to community initiatives and promote the good work that they do, $3.00 from each and every Willow Tree Counselling session, from full-fee to pro-bono, is contributed to a Vancouver-based charity or program that serves to promote the mental, physical or social wellbeing of the people it serves. Charities chosen will rotate from time to time.

If this campaign inspires you to give back too, I’m heartened by that. Whether it is a “drop in the bucket,” the gift of your time, or a more substantial donation, this all makes a difference. Perhaps you may even be influenced to give back to your own mental health. Please do. The world needs more caring and self-caring people.

Willow Tree Counselling is currently supporting: Vancouver School Board, Food Hamper Program

All funds for the 2022 Drops in the Bucket Campaign will be donated to a food hamper program at a chosen East Vancouver high school that supports over 100 families in need. Monies raised also go towards a Spring break food top-up program and a granola bar station for at-school snacks.

The Vancouver School Board is a registered Canadian charitable organization, with donations directly supporting district students in numerous programs at schools throughout the city. 100% of all donations go directly to the schools and programs you designate. Donations can be made directly here:

Outside of the Drops In The Bucket Campaign, Willow Tree Counselling is also supporting:

Healing in Colour

Vancouver Black Therapy and Advocacy Foundation

Please join me if you can!