Phone Counselling

When face-to-face counselling is not an option or, does not appeal as an option, phone counselling can be a viable alternative.

When many people hear ‘phone counselling’, they think Skype, FaceTime or other similar teleconferencing options. In my practice, phone counselling means phone counselling – as in ‘old school’ telephone counselling. In order to guarantee privacy and confidentiality, I do not provide counselling via Skype.

Who Benefits Most From Phone Counselling?

Phone counselling can work for a number of situations including:

Small Town Concerns

  • You live in a small or remote community with no or limited access to face-to-face counselling
  • You live in a small town where you know many people, including the local counsellor
  • You live in a small town and value your privacy
  • You do not have the money to travel to another community to receive counselling

Depression or Anxiety-Related Concerns

  • Face to face contact with a counsellor feels too emotionally intense
  • Leaving your home is currently overwhelming, or you worry that you will have a panic attack when you’re out
  • Commuting or being in an unfamiliar environment is very stressful

Mobility Concerns

  • You have a physical disability which prevents you from travelling to an appointment or attending a face-to-face appointment
  • You would not be physically comfortable in an office environment
  • You have physical needs that could only be met in your own home

Other Concerns

  • You have limited access to childcare and can only spare the time for a phone appointment
  • You are a caregiver with limited personal time
  • Phone counselling is more convenient for your particular schedule
  • Phone counselling may be available sooner than an in-person appointment
  • Your work situation will not allow the time it would take to have an appointment and commute to and from that appointment
  • The counsellor you have chosen to work with is from another province
  • You are moving to another province and would like to continue working with the counsellor whom you have built a trusting relationship with, and who knows you well


At Willow Tree Counselling, I work with individuals living anywhere within Canada who are interested in pursuing phone counselling with me. You will not incur long distance charges if you provide me with a valid phone number, which includes a Canadian area code. Rates for phone counselling are the same as my rates for in-person counselling and must be prepaid by PayPal or Interac e-transfer prior to your appointment time. The Fees/Funding page on my website provides the necessary PayPal links to make a payment. If you wish to pay by credit card, card payments can be made via PayPal.

Phone counselling works best with land-lines or with cell phones where there is good reception. Dropped calls, poor voice quality or reception that cuts in and out will obviously have a negative effect on your counselling experience.

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for phone counselling. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, psychosis, mania, are actively self-harming or are engaging in other behaviour that compromises your safety, I am not able to provide phone counselling. I am more than willing, however, to assist in directing you to in-person counselling alternatives or crisis services.

If you would like to give phone counselling a try, I welcome you to contact me so we can discuss your situation and needs further.