Fees & Funding

Fees – Individual sessions

  • $130 for a 50-minute session.
  • $160 for a 75-minute session.
  • $70 for a 25-minute ‘booster’ session.

Booster sessions are for established clients only, seeking to maintain their gains.

There is no tax on counselling services as registered social workers are exempt from charging GST and PST.

The above counselling rates apply for both in-person and telephone counselling.

Fees – Reports, Forms, Letter writing, Clinical Document Review

There is no charge for work that is 15 minutes or less; completion of this work is dependent on my current schedule availability.

Requests over $15 are billed at $70 per half hour of work. Some individuals have chosen to ask for paperwork to be completed in the course of their counselling session (for example, a request for an urgent letter), which is generally an acceptable option if this works better for you and if there is sufficient additional time left in your session to address your concerns.

Counselling Packages

I offer optional counselling packages for clients who wish to deepen their commitment to themselves while also saving money and increasing convenience:

Three Session Packages

  • Start-Up Package:   $390. You save $30.
    One initial 75-minute session + two additional 50-minute sessions. Available for individuals only.
  • Three 50-minute Sessions:   $365. You save $25.
    Available for individual clients only.  My most popular package.
  • Three 75-minute Sessions:   $445. You save $35.
    Individuals, couples or families.

Five Session Packages

  • Start-Up Plus Package:   $620.  You save $60.
    One initial 75-minute session + four additional 50-minute sessions. Individual clients only.
  • Five 50-minute Sessions:   $595. You save $55.
    Individual clients only.
  • Five 75-minute Sessions:   $735. You save $65.
    Individuals, couples or families.

Ten Session Packages

All 10 session packages are designed for clients engaged in longer-term therapy or for when longer treatment is recommended after the initial session.

  • Ten 50-minute Sessions:   $1,170. You save $130.
    Individual clients only.
  • Ten 75-minute Sessions:   $1,440. You save $160.
    Individuals, couples or families.

Packages must be prepaid and are non-refundable. You have up to one year to use your sessions.

If you are wanting to purchase a counselling package and claim the cost of that package through your workplace extended health plan, please note that extended health benefit plans do not allow you to claim for prepaid sessions (i.e. sessions which have not yet occurred).  As such, I will divide the cost of the package by the number of sessions and write you separate receipts for the date of each session. For example, if you purchase a Startup Package (one 75-minute session and two 50-minute sessions) for $390, I will issue you 3 receipts for $130, each receipt dated and issued for the date of each session.


Cash, cheque, or Interac e-transfer payments are preferred; I also accept payment via PayPal or credit card; my credit card reader does not accept Visa debit cards. Official receipts are issued for all sessions.

All e-transfer and PayPal payments must be made in advance of your session. The PayPal option is available for clients with a pre-scheduled appointment time. Sessions cannot be booked online.

Cash or cheque payments are made at either the start or conclusion of each session: your choice.

Please note that as the name suggests, Interac e-transfers are done electronically, via online banking (at participating institutions). I do not have a debit machine in my office. For all those choosing to pay by e-transfer, please note that most banks and credit unions charge $1-$1.50 per transaction. Please email me the security answer separately so I am able to access the funds you have sent.

Pay As You Go Pricing

Appointment(s) Date / Time

Package Pricing

Custom Payment


I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are charged at a rate of 50% for the cost of the session and appointments cancelled with 12 hours or less are charged at a rate of 75% of the cost of the session. Missed appointments are charged the full session fee. Same day bookings which are subsequently cancelled are subject to the usual late cancellation fees. A full description of the Willow Tree Counselling cancellation policy can be viewed here.

There is no tax on my counselling sessions. Counselling services from Registered Clinical Social Workers (RCSWs) are HST exempt.

As of September 26, 2012, Registered Social Workers (RSWs) and RCSWs are authorized as ‘medical practitioners’ under the Income Tax Act for the purpose of claiming medical expenses on income tax returns. ‘Counsellor’ designations, with the exception of Registered Psychologists, are not.

In accordance with the Medical Expense Tax Credit (METC), the Government of Canada will reimburse recipients of clinical services that have expenses greater than $2,237 annually or 3 percent of the taxpayer’s net income.


Extended Health
If you have extended health benefits through your work, or through an immediate family member’s employer, you may be covered for the services of a Registered Social Worker (RSW or RCSW). Some extended health plans cover RSWs and RCSWs, while others do not. If your benefits plan does not, some clients have been successful in expanding their counselling coverage by asking their human resources department to cover the services of a RSW. It can also help if employees ask their employer to contact their group insurance provider directly to request this change. You may wish to use my sample letter as a way of approaching your employee benefits department.

If you are covered to see a RSW or RCSW, and you are needing counselling services in Downtown Vancouver, I am–to my knowledge–one of two social workers in private practice with a downtown Vancouver location.

If you are on short or long-term disability from your work, you may be eligible for counselling benefits. Please ask your insurance provider if you are eligible to receive counselling from an RSW. This applies to private insurance plans, not provincial (public) disability benefits.

Booking an Appointment

I offer daytime, early morning, afternoon and limited evening appointments. I will always offer you my soonest available booking. Making an appointment can be nerve-wracking; I respect the courage it takes to make this important first step.  Call or email me to learn more or sign up directly online for my waiting list.

Reduced-Cost Counselling and Other Funding Options

A resource list of lower-cost professional counselling options in Vancouver. Additional funding options may also be available to you. Corrections and suggestions welcome.