Help for Substance Misuse: Why Willow Tree Counselling?

It’s one thing to recognize that you want help for an addictions issue; it’s another to know where to get that help.  The choices for substance use treatment can be mind-boggling.

Choosing to come to my downtown Vancouver psychotherapy office is an option that will suit some people very well while others would benefit from different settings such as a detox program, residential treatment or a support group.

People choose Willow Tree Counselling for a variety of reasons.  They include:

  • Those seeking a private, strictly confidential counselling setting–in-person or online
  • Those seeking a highly individualized treatment approach.
  • Those who want to select their own therapist and avoid being assigned to an addictions counsellor in a community-based drug and alcohol clinic.
  • Those who want to try a new approach, especially if their past experience with substance use treatment was unhelpful.
  • Those seeking a therapist who has experience with both mental health and substance abuse issues and disorders and will work with you on a plan that targets both.
  • Those who have been abstinent from their drug of choice for a period of time and are now seeking counselling or therapy to address related or underlying psychological issues.
  • Those who are currently involved in group therapy or a 12-step program and are wanting to supplement their group experience with individual therapy.
  • Those who suspect that their substance use may be starting to become problematic and are seeking early intervention.
  • Those who are confused about their substance use and whether or not they need to make changes.
  • Those who have completed residential treatment or other addiction treatment and are seeking counselling to prevent relapse and maintain gains over the long-term.
  • Those participating in group treatment elsewhere who feel that group therapy alone is not adequately addressing their individual needs.
  • Those who want a professional opinion about their substance use and want to explore whether addictions counselling is appropriate,

Whatever your reason, one of the key facets of my approach is that I really start where you’re at, listening deeply to your goals about what you want to achieve when it comes to your drug use, alcohol use, or compulsive behaviours. 

I may caution, but I’ll never preach, moralize or judge you.  My main aim is to provide a comfortable therapeutic space where you can talk openly without fear of recrimination.  If you’re unsure of whether you even want to do anything at all about your use that’s okay too.  We can start the conversation anywhere in your journey.  Contact me to get started.  I look forward to hearing from you!