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Counselling Homework: Shame Magnet or Road to Success?

March 2015 In Therapy & You

The Higgledy-Piggledy Therapy Schedule

October 2023 In Therapy & You

Can I Contact My Therapist In-Between Sessions?

The Normalization of Therapy

February 2022 In Personal Growth, Therapy & You

Why Is My Therapist Taking Time Off Again?!

Decisions, Decisions: When You Don’t Know What To Talk About In Counselling

January 2021 In Anxiety, Therapy & You

Virtual Is Reality: The Changing Counselling Office

August 2020 In Therapy & You

When You’re Seeing More Than One Therapist At A Time

Talking Turkey About Couples Counselling

September 2019 In Relationship Issues, Therapy & You

When Your First Counselling Appointment Doesn’t Work Out

May 2019 In Therapy & You


Counselling Process

Therapeutic Approach


Seeking Challenge in Counselling: How Much is Right For You?

August 2016 In Therapy & You

Digging Deeper: Understanding Therapeutic Fit

January 2016 In Therapy & You

Counselling: More Than Just Feeling Better?

December 2015 In Therapy & You

Counselling Ruptures: Crisis or Opportunity?

April 2015 In Therapy & You

Counselling’s Million Dollar Question

February 2014 In Therapy & You

Perfection Pursuit: When Parenting Becomes Self-Tyranny

November 2013 In Parenting, Personal Growth

Please Tell Me What to Do!! The Role of Advice in Counselling

April 2013 In Therapy & You

How To Fire Your Therapist

July 2012 In Therapy & You

Therapist Burnout (And Why it Matters to Clients)

June 2012 In The Counselling Life

Are You a Counselling Virgin? – What You Need to Know About Starting Therapy

May 2012 In Therapy & You

Assumptions for Therapy: Can You Relate?

April 2012 In Therapy & You

Ten Tips For Getting the Most Out of Therapy

May 2011 In Therapy & You

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

May 2011 In Anxiety, Depression

Depression: Help and Treatment

May 2011 In Depression

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Health Care Experience

August 2010 In Therapy & You