Starting counselling, for many of us, is a freaky enough proposition: why add to the stress by keeping the counselling process secret? Writing about counselling and its myriad facets is at the heart of my articles, fuelled by a drive to make information about counselling transparent and accessible. I write about other things psychology-related too, to mix things up.


Ho, Ho, No! When the Holiday Season Doesn’t Work For You

A closer look at some of the reasons why the holiday season might not work for you.

The Therapy Threat: Counselling Ultimatums and Why They Suck

When engaging in counselling is, or feels forced, it’s rarely a good thing.

The Architect of Overwhelm

A counsellor takes a stab at understanding her own experience with overwhelm, including her part in it.

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The Smallest “Goals” In My World

Reflecting on “goals,” Willow Tree Counselling-style.

Why Waiting Lists?

November 2019 In Anxiety, Depression, Therapy & You

A deep dive into why counselling waiting lists exist and how to navigate them.

When You’re Seeing More Than One Therapist At A Time

The pluses and perils of seeing more than one counsellor at a time.

“I’m Too Upset To Go To Counselling!”

Understanding the seemingly paradoxical, yet common, dilemma of being too upset to go to counselling.

Top Tips for Eating Well When You’re Depressed

March 2012 In Depression

Practical suggestions for eating when your mood is low.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

May 2011 In Anxiety, Depression

A rundown on one of my favourite therapies.

Social Signs of Depression

May 2011 In Depression

Much of the information on depression highlights its signs and symptoms.  While important, what is often missing is the impact of these symptoms on the affected person’s life.

Depression: Help and Treatment

May 2011 In Depression

Understanding treatment options for depression.

Depression Tips

May 2011 In Depression

The best strategies for dealing with depression often come from those with lived experience and have wisdom to share. A few counsellor tips are thrown in too.

The Seasonal Blues: Understanding and Helping Seasonal Affective Disorder

December 2009 In Depression

Understanding Seasonal Affective Disorder + strategies to help.