Starting counselling, for many of us, is a freaky enough proposition: why add to the stress by keeping the counselling process secret? Writing about counselling and its myriad facets is at the heart of my articles, fuelled by a drive to make information about counselling transparent and accessible. I write about other things psychology-related too, to mix things up.


You Can’t Cheat The System

When cutting corners leads to nervous system consequences.

Go Slow

Can slowness ease anxiety? This counsellor thinks so.

Stuck in a Rut? Understanding Stuck-ness And Strategies For Change

Exploring the common phenomenon of feeling stuck, with some strategies to encourage taking the next step.

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Can I Contact My Therapist In-Between Sessions?

There’s no rule that says that you can’t contact a therapist in between sessions. But it’s not always clear about whether or not this is the best course of action.

Ho, Ho, No! When the Holiday Season Doesn’t Work For You

A closer look at some of the reasons why the holiday season might not work for you.

The Therapy Threat: Counselling Ultimatums and Why They Suck

When engaging in counselling is, or feels forced, it’s rarely a good thing.

Why Is My Therapist Taking Time Off Again?!

Reasons for counsellor absences with some possible benefits for clients too.

When Loved Ones Are a Focus in Counselling

Navigating the sometimes-difficult choice of talking about a loved one in counselling.

Catching a Counselling Appointment

May 2021 In Anxiety, Therapy & You

Tips and tricks for securing a counselling appointment when times are tough.

The Architect of Overwhelm

A counsellor takes a stab at understanding her own experience with overwhelm, including her part in it.

What To Expect When You Reach Out To A Counsellor

March 2021 In Anxiety, Therapy & You

A counsellor’s attempt to take the mystery out of what happens after you reach out to a therapist. Possible solutions to common problems are provided too.

How To Book A Counselling Appointment

February 2021 In Anxiety, Therapy & You

An in-depth look at how to contact a counsellor and book a counselling session.

Decisions, Decisions: When You Don’t Know What To Talk About In Counselling

January 2021 In Anxiety, Therapy & You

When we don’t know what to talk about in a counselling session: reasons and solutions.

Boo! I Got Spooked By My Counsellor!

October 2020 In Anxiety, Therapy & You

What do you do when you spot your counsellor in public? The answer has more to do with your counsellor’s response, than yours.

The Merit of Discomfort

Exploring the merits of connecting with emotional discomfort.

Living In A Box

My reflections on coping with COVID-19 self-confinement.

Boundaries: Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy?

If healthy interpersonal boundaries were easy, we’d all be doing it! But it’s a reward that’s worth it.

The Smallest “Goals” In My World

Reflecting on “goals,” Willow Tree Counselling-style.

Why Waiting Lists?

November 2019 In Anxiety, Depression, Therapy & You

A deep dive into why counselling waiting lists exist and how to navigate them.

When You’re Seeing More Than One Therapist At A Time

The pluses and perils of seeing more than one counsellor at a time.

“I’m Too Upset To Go To Counselling!”

Understanding the seemingly paradoxical, yet common, dilemma of being too upset to go to counselling.

“Who Me?” How To Beat Imposter Syndrome

April 2019 In Anxiety, Personal Growth

Most of us feel like imposters at some point in our lives. But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Taking Out The Slop

March 2019 In Anxiety, Personal Growth

A baking episode-gone-bad prompts me to take out the slop both literally and emotionally.

Welcome To My (Counselling) World

February 2019 In Anxiety, Therapy & You

Enter (and be comfortable) in the Willow Tree Counselling world.

“What Kind of Counsellor Do I Need?”

Figuring out what ‘type’ of counsellor or counselling you need is often not as straightforward as it would initially seem.

Perfectionism: From Fairy Tale to Real Life

September 2018 In Anxiety, Personal Growth

Getting personal about a breadmaking day gone bad (and what I did about it).

Coping with Anxiety: One Size Does Not Fit All!

October 2016 In Anxiety

Once we have sifted through known coping strategies, there is also the need to be specific.

Dr. Google: Friend or Foe?

October 2015 In Anxiety

An article about health anxiety and its relationship to the Internet.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

May 2011 In Anxiety, Depression

A rundown on one of my favourite therapies.

Panic Attack Tips

May 2011 In Anxiety

Panic attacks are terrifying in their intensity!  But the good news is is that they can be helped! 

The Benefits of Anxiety

January 2011 In Anxiety

When we are in the throws of anxiety, we want immediate relief. How can there be a silver lining in all of this?