Starting counselling, for many of us, is a freaky enough proposition: why add to the stress by keeping the counselling process secret? Writing about counselling and its myriad facets is at the heart of my articles, fuelled by a drive to make information about counselling transparent and accessible. I write about other things psychology-related too, to mix things up.


Zoom Fatigue in the Counselling Context

Understanding how Zoom fatigue can show up in the counselling context and exploring strategies to mitigate its effects.

When A Client Dies

An unexpected client death leaves this counsellor trying to process a loss, so very difficult to comprehend.

Why Is My Therapist Taking Time Off Again?!

Reasons for counsellor absences with some possible benefits for clients too.

When Loved Ones Are a Focus in Counselling

Navigating the sometimes-difficult choice of talking about a loved one in counselling.

“My Counsellor Fired Me!”

When your therapist suggests that your counselling end: why this can happen and what to do next.

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How to Save Bags of Money On Counselling (Or, How To Stop Making Your Counselling More Expensive Than It Needs To Be)

August 2018 In Therapy & You, Uncategorized

My lowdown on strategies that will help you save money on counselling costs and maximize the value you receive from your counselling.