Starting counselling, for many of us, is a freaky enough proposition: why add to the stress by keeping the counselling process secret? Writing about counselling and its myriad facets is at the heart of my articles, fuelled by a drive to make information about counselling transparent and accessible. I write about other things psychology-related too, to mix things up.

Relationship Issues

When Loved Ones Are a Focus in Counselling

Navigating the sometimes-difficult choice of talking about a loved one in counselling.

Boundaries: Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy?

If healthy interpersonal boundaries were easy, we’d all be doing it! But it’s a reward that’s worth it.

Talking Turkey About Couples Counselling

September 2019 In Relationship Issues, Therapy & You

A counsellor’s lowdown on some hard truths about couples counselling; when we’re aware of our biases we can change up couples counselling in positive ways.

Dealing With Difficult Co-Workers

August 2011 In Relationship Issues

Dealing with colleagues who challenge us emotionally can play a big part in our overall work satisfaction and our general sense of wellbeing.

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