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Counselling Confidentiality: An In-Depth Look

Zoom Fatigue in the Counselling Context

When A Client Dies

Multitasking In Counselling Sessions

Rare, But Aware: Client Exploitation in the Counselling Relationship

Can I Contact My Therapist In-Between Sessions?

Counselling Consent Forms: Just a Bunch of Gobbledegook?

September 2021 In Therapy & You

When Loved Ones Are a Focus in Counselling

What To Expect When You Reach Out To A Counsellor

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How To Book A Counselling Appointment

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Boo! I Got Spooked By My Counsellor!

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Session-Talk or Session, Talk?

February 2020 In Therapy & You

Welcome To My (Counselling) World

February 2019 In Anxiety, Therapy & You

Counselling: Picture Perfect?

June 2018 In Therapy & You

LGBTQ+ Support

Privacy Policy

The Counsellor’s Door is Closed, And They’re Not Counselling. What Gives?

October 2017 In The Counselling Life


Clinical Supervision

Phone and Video Counselling

Phone Counselling: Emotional Barrier Buster?

June 2015 In Therapy & You

How to Get the Most Out of a Counselling Consultation

November 2014 In Therapy & You

Why Your Counsellor Is Not Your Friend

Counsellors Are People Too

April 2014 In The Counselling Life

Your Counselling Bill of Rights

February 2013 In Therapy & You

Helping the Helper

Help for Substance Misuse: Why Willow Tree Counselling?

April 2011 In Addictions